A.N. Prior - The Founding Father of Temporal Logic

This WWW-site is devoted to the Life and Work of Arthur Norman Prior (1914-69), the founding father of temporal logic. A special emphasis is placed on Prior's papers in The Bodleian Library, Oxford.

The information is structured such as to take advantage of the facilities provided by the Internet, especially wrt. hypertext and inter-linking of mutually relevant documents. More exactly how that is done is explained in the appropriate places, for instance in the introduction to the boxes containing Prior's papers in The Bodleian Library. Three major types of information are found here:

A very important feature of this presentation of Prior's work is its emphasis on internal relations between various items - for instance, relations between published and unpublished papers, relations between papers and correspondence, and so forth. Cross-references established as links indicate such relations. The links are sometimes given at top level, and sometimes via further information, as seems most suitable.