The research will take place over the full period of the project (August 1, 2016- July 31, 2019). During this period the following six workshops will be organized in collaboration with the Modality and Modalities workshop series:


Nov. 2016 & May 2017:  Workshops on time and modality in Prior’s logic and philosophy.


May 30. – June 1. Conference in Skagen Klitgaarden.

Topic: Time and Modality in Priors Logic and Philosophy.


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November 2017 (date to be announced)

Topic: Branching Time and the true future.

Invited speaker: To be announced

Call for paper: To be announced



Nov. 2017 & May 2018:  Workshops on branching time models developed by Prior and others.


Nov. 2018: A workshop on time and tense: A-series and B-series approaches. 


May 2019: A workshop on the origins of hybrid logic, ‘now’ and other temporal indexicals.


At these workshops, preliminary versions of the papers prepared in the project will be presented and discussed in order to improve the quality of the papers before they are submitted to relevant journals. The workshops will be open and organized as international events with internationally recognized keynote speakers.